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Jochen Sprickerhof - Publications

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  • Ann-Katrin Becker, Jochen Sprickerhof, Martin Günther, Joachim Hertzberg. Abducing Hypotheses about Past Events from Observed Environment Changes. Proc. 38th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI 2015), Dresden, Sep 21-25, 2015


  • Jochen Sprickerhof, Kai Lingemann, Andreas Nüchter, Joachim Hertzberg. A Heuristic Loop Closing Technique for Large-Scale 6D SLAM. Automatika, Special Issue Selected papers from the 4th European Conference on Mobile Robotics. [Get Paper] [Get Videos] [Get Software].

  • Florian Otte, Johannes Zimmermann, Jochen Sprickerhof, Kai Lingemann, Thomas Wiemann, and Joachim Hertzberg. Automatisiertes Auffinden und Auffüllen von Scanschatten in 3D-Laserscans. Proc. Oldenburger 3D-Tage 2011, Feb 2011.


  • Jochen Sprickerhof. Seeing structure in the point cloud - first attempts at 3D symbols for mobile robots. Proc. 10th Biannual Meeting of the German Society for Cognitive Science (KogWis 2010), Doctoral Symposium, Oct 3-6, Potsdam, Germany [Get Paper].

  • Sven Albrecht, Martin Günther, Joachim Hertzberg, Kai Lingemann, Jochen Sprickerhof, Thomas Wiemann.. From semantic mapping to anchored knowledge bases. Proc. 10th Biannual Meeting of the German Society for Cognitive Science (KogWis 2010), Symposium on Adaptivity of Hybrid Cognitive Systems, Oct 3-6, Potsdam, Germany [Get Paper].


  • Jochen Sprickerhof, Andreas Nüchter, Kai Lingemann, Joachim Hertzberg. An Explicit Loop Closing Technique for 6D SLAM, in Proc. 4th European Conference on Mobile Robots (ECMR 2009), Mlini/Dubrovnik, Croatia, September 2009. [Get Paper (PDF)] [Get Videos] [Get Software].

  • Jochen Sprickerhof. Effizientes Schleifenschließen mit sechs Freiheitsgraden in Laserscans von mobilen Robotern. Die ELCH (Explicit Loop Closing) Heuristik. Diploma Thesis, August 2009 [Get Paper (PDF)] [Get Videos] [Get Software].


  • Sven Albrecht, Joachim Hertzberg, Kai Lingemann, Andreas Nüchter, Jochen Sprickerhof, Stefan Stiene. Device Level Simulation of Kurt3D Rescue Robots. Third International Workshop on Synthetic Simulation and Robotics to Mitigate Earthquake Disaster (SRMED 2006). CDROM Proceedings, June 2006 [Get Paper (PDF)] [Get Paper (HTML)] [Download].

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